20 avril 2010

annoyed annoyed annoyed

My flight to Amsterdam this afternoon was cancelled, for although airspace over Amsterdam has been reopened, it is still closed for commercial flights over Bordeaux. Absolutely fantastic. Apparently I'm allowed a free rebooking, in which case I would have changed it to a flight tomorrow, except I'm not allowed to modify my booking until tomorrow itself. Hopefully there is a flight out on Thursday that I can take.

For now I have drained my sorrows in the greatest croissant I have ever tasted, which sadly comes from a French bakery chain (the horror) called Paul. I really ought to go to try more quaint, artisanal bakeries, but for now, Paul's croissants take the title because they are buttery, flakey, and crunchy yet soft in the way you always dream a croissant would be. Delicious, especially, when dunked in a mug of hot chocolate.

4 commentaires:

  1. I know how you feel - our flight to NY was cancelled on Monday. We've re-booked, but I'm trying not to get too excited...
    I love croissants mmmm. Especially ones from French bakeries!

  2. Sorry to hear about your flight - I hope you can get one out on Thursday.
    Croissant looks AMAZING despite the fact I'm not a massive fan of them! xx

  3. my hometown is quiet indeed :)
    and if you went to a primark, let me know! xx

  4. Yummm :) I hope you get back safe and soon! I was stranded because of the volcano as well - just try to enjoy France as much as possible until then I suppose