11 mai 2010

a long overdue photo post

I got back from Italy a week ago, but having caught a cold around the second day I was there and not having enough meds to take care of it straightaway, by the time I got back to France I was sick as a bunny. (It didn't help that last week there was a freak wave of cold weather here and it was absolutely freezing.) Despite other setbacks we experienced (such as it raining the day we were in Venice), I had a good time in Italy and definitely want to go again next year to visit the cities I missed out on (we only went to Bologna, Florence, Milan and Venice).

I still haven't even gone through all the pictures I took (waaay too lazy to do it!) but here is a selection nonetheless:

I'm only in France for another 12 days, I can't believe how quickly the last year has flown by. Unfortunately I don't even have much time to do much more, as I have exams all of next week. :/

28 avril 2010

gone travelling, part ii

A few pictures from my trip to Holland, not much text as I'm leaving for the airport soon to go to Italy. I spent most of my time in The Hague, but went to Amsterdam for a day and to Rotterdam for a few hours just to go to Primark, haha. I thought Amsterdam was lovely at first, but after I got completely lost and walked around aimlessly for a couple of hours, I started to like it a bit less as everything started to look the same and there were so. many. people. Tourists mostly, which was offputting. I ended up just going on a vintage store trawl and discovered some amazing places, which I may make a wee guide about later. The Hague seems to be a fantastic place to live, though.

Anyway, until next week then!

22 avril 2010

gone travelling, part i

I'm finally on my way to Holland! Getting through to KLM to rebook my flight was an absolute pain and I eventually managed to get it done through Twitter, of all places. You have to just love the internet sometimes. Anyhow, I'll be back on Tuesday for an update, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.